A Taste of Longevity Wines

Here we are 3 weeks into January 2022 and I haven’t written a thing nor posted anything on social media. Did I miss it? Nope. Not even a little bit. It was the break I didn’t know I needed, but really did need. I even had half of a dry

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Corkscrew Concierge’s Most Memorable Wines of 2021

2020 was like, “I wreaked all sorts of havoc in your life.” 2021 was like “hold my beer!” I so expected 2021 to be such a bright spot after the misery of 2020. And there were some bright spots to be sure, but the year got off to an awful

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Sustainability Goes Beyond the Vineyard & Cellar with SIP Certified

I don’t know about you, but Iike a lot of consumers, sustainability has been increasing in importance to me. And given that this is a wine blog that, of course, includes wine. However, when I say “sustainable”, I’m not talking about those B.S. “clean” or “healthy” wines that people peddle

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Texas Wine & Lake Views

Ok y’all, its time to experience some Texas wine and lake views! It’s fine to drive down a busy road and move from tasting room to tasting room, which are all mere yards from each other. It’s certainly convenient, there’s little chance of getting lost, and it doesn’t tax the

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Biondi-Santi Charts New Paths While Honoring Tradition #ItalianFWT

For the next few months, the #ItalianFWT group of writers will be tackling the 3B’s of Italy (Brunello, Barbaresco, and Barolo) and the fun starts with Brunello di Montalcino. So why not feature one of Italy’s most iconic producers and the folks that laid THE foundation for Brunello – Biondi-Santi.

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