Houston Wining & Dining While Eating In and Supporting Local

With the world literally turned on its head, we are all scrambling and learning new and different ways to do things. After all, I’m going to be running a school (and apparently simultaneously lawyering) from my home for the next several weeks. Definitely didn’t see that shit coming when 2020

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Eat Drink See – January 2020

Holy shit! Here we are at the end of February and it dawned on me that I haven’t done my EDS January post. January and most of February was no joke in Lawyerland! It’s like they were trying to make me earn my paycheck or something! But extreme lawyering aside,

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Time to Level Up Your Wine Storage

I find that wine storage is an evolution. It starts out with a couple of bottles of wine purchased at the store to drink that night. Then you might “plan ahead” and buy a bottle or two for next weekend. After that, it’s a small wine rack that you (foolishly)

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