Kosher Wine for Passover and Beyond

Passover is right around the corner which means for many, it’s time to break out the kosher wine. In addition to Passover, kosher wine is used in a number of Jewish rituals including circumcisions (Bris Milah), the wedding chuppa, and the Kiddush that starts all Sabbath and holiday meals. But

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Rose for Spring & Summer 2019

With momentum that seems like it will never stop, the popularity of Rosé is as high as its ever been. Long gone is the much reviled White Zinfandel (but we love it for all those Zinfandel vines it saved!) and in its place is the much loved pink-hued juice that

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Corkscrew Concierge Bordeaux Wine Cruise

Take a Bordeaux wine cruise with me as your wine host! We’ll explore Pauillac, Saint-Émilion, Sauternes, and more with me guiding you along the way. There’s nothing better than sharing wine with my best wineaux.

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Get Thee to a Glass of Lodi Wine

The amount of great wine coming out of Cali these days is truly mind-boggling. Every time I think I have a handle on the regions I need to be focused on, I find out I haven’t even come close. Case in point, Lodi.

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