About The Corkscrew Concierge

I’m Kat and first and foremost, I’m a corporate tax lawyer. I also a Certified Specialist of Wine and have earned my Wine and Spirits Trust Level 3 Award in Wines passing with Merit. For years I’d always thought of writing about wine, travel, and other things I love but always put it off. And to be honest, I wasn’t very technologically savvy and with the exception of a couple of social networking sites, I had no clue about all the online chatter in which people were constantly engaging. Still, I’d happily send friends and family full itineraries for trips they were taking. I would get requests asking about wineries that excelled in a specific grape, how to tackle a large European city and get in all the must-see sights, or where to eat for a few days in New Orleans – the full gamut. And I would happily tell them about my personal experiences. Even when I hadn’t been somewhere or experienced it, I would gladly research it for them. I’m a lawyer and a good part of my job entails research so I’m actually pretty good at it. And besides, it was just something I enjoyed doing.

Given my own personal wine journey which began with some really large boxes of pink wine, I want to be able to present wine and travel experiences in such a way as to make them accessible to everyone. But not to worry, you won’t see me going on and on with wordy tasting notes. I’m all about the experience. I want people to be comfortable with wine and travel and not to be intimidated because everyone doesn’t look like you, or everyone seems to be so much more well-traveled and educated. I want wine to be accessible to all that want to learn about it and experience it. We all have to start somewhere.


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