Sure, for those in the know, my title for this article is a no-brainer. But if you’re not in the know, please be sure to check out my article on the work that John Rivenburgh is doing through his Kerrville Hills incubator for the Texas wine industry. You can find it over at the Vintner Project: “John Rivenburgh & his Kerrville Hills Incubator Propel Texas Wine Growth.” I had a great time talking to John about what he does as well as getting the perspectives of others in the industry who have worked with him. He really is great for Texas wine!

If you’ve read this blog with any regularity, then you know I’m generally bullish about the future of the Texas wine industry. I’ve been able to convert some naysayers and honestly, the wine is opening minds all on its own. While I’d traveled to several places throughout Texas Wine Country, I recently had the opportunity to visit Kerrville Hills Winery, which just so happens to be in Kerrville, TX. I wanted to see where the action happens for myself.

After doing a tasting (of course) I was able to walk around and see the barrel room stacked with barrels full of sticky notes for budding winemakers. I got to eavesdrop on a couple of conversations of people who were there making their own small batches of wine.

I also got to see the new vines that were on their way to be planted at Schreiner University as part of a partnership between the university and the winery for a new enology and viticulture program.

Not long after I visited, they had a team planting the vines for the university. I love that this incubator just keeps on giving!

After talking and learning, I also hung out a bit to just enjoy the scenery and a glass of wine.

I also took some time to explore the town of Kerrville and I loved it. This state is so big that even after living here all these years, I keep learning and discovering more places. I loved the art vibe, the charming downtown, as well as walking the Kerrville River Trail.

Cheers to the continued growth of Texas wine!

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