Love Letter to American Chardonnay

Some folks shudder when they hear the phrase ‘American Chardonnay.’ For many, the reference conjures up movie-theatre butter. But instead of the butter being inside a bucket with us seated in front of a big screen with lounging chairs, it’s in a wine glass. And there is some legitimacy to

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Sustainable Wine Regions to Seek Out

We hear the word “sustainable” so much in wine, that many have come to question what, if anything, it means. Particularly, when we hear about so-called sustainable wine regions or sustainable wineries, it’s natural to wonder what we as consumers are really getting. I’ve (and I think a lot of

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The Many Faces of Uruguay’s Tannat 

I was just a wine newbie, a neophyte wine drinker when I first stumbled upon Tannat. Mr. Corkscrew and I were visiting Buenos Aires and decided to take a ferry across to Uruguay and experience Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay and surrounding areas. When a lovely winemaker first poured Tannat for

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