imageI started this blog because I wanted to make wine accessible to all.

I wanted everyone to know that there WAS a wine out there for them even if they handn’t found it yet. Kinda like a soul mate.

But I sometimes lose track of that.

Part of it is my quest to discover new wines at all price points. And then there is the need to treat myself, particularly when Thing 2 has one of his days when he drives me batshit crazy. Still love him through.

So I started thinking that there was a way to do both. And hence Splurgeworthy and Budget Minded wines was born. Here, I will highlight Splurgeworthy wines that retail for $100 and up (because that IS a splurge for most of us) and Budget Minded wines that retail for $25 and under. I actually find I need them both. 

Sometimes I just want an easy drinker that I don’t have to think much about and not worry if I finish it or not. OK, that’s not a major problem but you get what I’m saying. And other times, I want something really nice whether it’s for a special occasion or just because I worked particularly hard one week and want to treat myself on the weekend.

So read up and hopefully you’ll find some favorites.

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