First Taste of Missouri Wine

So, did you know that September is Missouri Wine Month? OK, it’s also California (like they really need a month), Illinois, and North Carolina wine month too. But I’m focusing on Missouri. The state celebrates with harvest events, festivals, and special tastings. So how lucky that I’d had a recent

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International Grenache Day 2015

So you know how there’s always a “national something day” trending on social media? It’s national egg day, dog day, or whatever the heck else day. Well there are also various national and international wine days. And while most of these days have no true significance, I always think it’s

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A Bit of Wine Tasting in Uruguay and Buenos Aires

We were vacationing in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I knew my husband wasn’t going to let me drag him from extreme eastern Argentina to extreme western Argentina to try to make it to Mendoza in the same trip. So doing some research, I saw that I could fit in some

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Craving Carneros Pinot Noir

Many years ago I was on a business trip in San Francisco and my husband had come along to join the fun after the, er um, work. I recall sitting in the wine bar at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant trying to decide what to try. I absolutely love

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Pinot From Around the World

I’ve mentioned that Pinot is my favorite wine no matter where it comes from. But it’s always interesting to taste the difference in the wine depending upon where it’s produced. The differences really are amazing. I recently attended a tasting of Pinot Noirs from around the world. I always try

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Wine Tasting in Canada – The Eastern Townships of Quebec

I was on an anniversary trip in Montreal when I happened upon some information about Quebec’s wine industry. As it happened, I knew absolutely nothing about Canadian wine. Wine tasting in Canada? Who knew?! One of the wonderful things about wine is that it can be produced in unexpected places.

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