It’s easy enough to enjoy a bottle of wine. Pop the cork, add some friends, maybe some good nosh and voila, you have a great evening waiting to happen. And while wine can be as simple or as difficult as we make it, there are certainly some things that enhance our enjoyment of it. While wine gadgets are aplenty on the market, some definitely stand out.

Avina Champagne Stopper

If you’re like me and enjoy bubbly but find yourself abstaining during the work week because you can’t (or don’t want to) finish the bottle lest you end up with flat wine the next day, there is now hope. Avina Wine Tools has created a champagne stopper that not only lets you reseal your bubbly and preserve those precious bubbles, but also allows you to store your opened bottle on its side. I tested it out1 with an inexpensive Prosecco and boy was I amazed. The pressure is the bottle was just as it was the day before. Who knew?! What’s more, Avina will completely back up its promise. If your stopper doesn’t perform as promised at any time, they’ll replace it for you. Now what bubbly to open on #WineWednesday…

Tribella Aerator

I’m a big fan of decanting my wine, particularly older vintages that may have some sediment. But I’m also an impatient person that needs to hurry things along and get the show on the road. As someone that has a drawer full of gadgets and my share of aerators, this one is by far my favorite. It does a great job of aerating the wine and better yet, it doesn’t drip. And it’s so simple to use – just pop in into the bottle. With my other aerators, I’m always balancing with one hand and pouring with the other, but with this one all I need is one hand. OK and let’s be real, it’s fun to use and looks so cool.


I live in Houston where it is always hot and humid. Like even in January. But I also enjoy sitting outside whether it’s on the front porch or by the pool. And I like to take a bottle with me. Yes I could lug a wine chillier with some ice and water with me, but I don’t want to work that hard. Which is where the Corkcicle comes in. But I only use it with red wines that I want to keep cool. Recall my rant about too warm red wine. I have tried the Corkcicle with white wine and find it can’t compete with the climate. The humidity always wins. But it has been great with red. Taking a bottle of cool red wine outside in hot and humid conditions will have it getting warm in no time, but inserting the Corkcicle allows it to remain in an optimal range.

Julianna Glass

More often than not, I reach for basic glassware in the requisite size when drinking a glass of wine. But sometimes I want a little bling in my life and Julianna Glass delivers that. The beautiful glasses are hand cut and feature Swarovski crystals. Fancy for sure. There are many glasses on the market that are colorful or have other embellishments but these are but far the most elegant I’ve found. I can still enjoy the beauty of the wine itself enhanced by the beauty of the glass. A great present that I gave to myself! #Winning.


It’s a splurge for sure, but it is a game changer. How many times have you just wanted to drink one glass of wine? Or just a glass of red and a glass of white? How many times have you wanted to taste a wine to see if it’s ready to drink? The Coravin has solved this issue for us. Just insert the needle into the cork of the bottle, extract what you want, and still have the rest of the wine available for a later date. It’s been a life saver when I’ve had several wines to compare and contrast. Just note that it’s for natural corks rather than synthetic ones. And I hear they even have a solution for screw caps. May just have to add another gadget to the repertoire.

Do you have any wine gadgets you swear by? I would love to hear about them.

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  1. Avina Wine Tools was kind enough to send me a sample to try out.


  1. Francis
    7 years ago

    My Two must have wine “toys” / tools are a can of @winesave to protect an unfinished bottle of wine and a Durand corkscrew for removing old, crumbly corks.

    1. Kat
      7 years ago

      Francis, I’m not familiar with either one but will certainly check them out. Always love learning about new things that enhance the wine experience.

  2. Matthew
    6 years ago

    Well it’s not a toy but yes to Francis on Winesave… it actually works! And if you’re travelling with wine you can’t go past Wine Trael Bag to protect your wine and luggage!

    1. Kat
      6 years ago

      Another vote for winesave. Will definitely have to check it out.

  3. Matthew Bray
    6 years ago

    Definitely @winesave helps me sample multiple glasses of white and red for days in a row and still hold great character in each glass. I’m also rather attached to my @reidel wine glasses. Cheers.

    1. Kat
      6 years ago

      I have some Riedel vintage champagne glasses that I absolutely love so definitely feel the Riedel love. I’m not familiar with Winesave but sounds like I need to look into it. Always looking for ways not to waste my precious juice!


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