So it’s the holiday crunch and you have yet to purchase a gift for the wine lover on your list. Yes, you can always bring me a bottle of wine, but that can cause major apprehension in folks that don’t know a lot about wine. Well don’t fret; here are a few things that are perfect for the wine enthusiast in your life.

Wine Socks

These socks are just so stinking cute! I have a nine year old that can read, so these are a no brainer for me! I’m working on the four year old. And being on the verge of winter, these are perfect to slip on your feet while you’re sipping vino by the fire.




Bling Wine Glasses

Yes, I have lots of wine glasses, but even I appreciate a little glamour added to my wine. I fell in love with these and can imagine admiring my wine through these.




Every wine enthusiast needs a decanter. Yes, there are a ton of aerators on the market, but nothing (nothing) beats decanting your wine. In addition to aerating your wine, it’s the perfect vessel to catch any sediment not to mention it just looks so damn cool!



Champagne Saber

Because sometimes you have a wine lover that has just about everything. I mean who doesn’t need a champagne saber? And OK, think of the ‘awesome factor’ when you actually pull this off with fingers and eyes intact.



Gold Rim Champagne Goblets

Because that’s how I roll (when people hook me up). This too is for the wine enthusiast that has everything but perfect for the person that is a little fearful of the previous item. These lovelies may even make bad champagne taste better.



The Wine Bible

Because we really are enthusiasts that like to learn and want to know more. And it’s the Bible so it’s all good, right?


And just to be clear, you can always bring me some Right Bank Bordeaux from St. Emilion or French Cremant or Barolo or even a Screaming Eagle or a Petrus…you get the point.

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