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Wine tasting in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP)? Yep! I found myself a new favorite airport in the Midwest! It had been almost twenty years since I’d set foot in MSP. I was on a Northwest flight all those years ago and connected through this airport. Well this time I was flying Delta and with their merger with Northwest back in 2008, MSP is still a big time hub for the airline. I was doing the typical walk from one extremely far gate to another extremely far gate when my eyes spotted some wine bottles. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the name of the place was Surdyk’s Flights Wine Market & Bar.


I didn’t have a ton of time, but I certainly didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to discover something new. And besides, I have up until 15 minutes before the flight time to get to the gate before they give my seat away, right? So in I went and found myself a spot at the bar. This place was a little different from some of the other airport wine bars I’d been in as it was also a food market and didn’t have that cozy and swanky feel. But so what? I talked to the guy sitting next to me and he raved about the food. He told me that he tries to make a stop in there every time he comes through MSP which was pretty often. Looking around, I was ready to go grocery shopping. Surdyk’s would certainly be a perfect option to grab a bite to take on the plane with you. I wasn’t hungry but it was certainly good information to file away.

After chatting it up with him for a bit, I turned my attention to the wine list. They had twelve different flights from which to choose. (Sorry for my bad photography but it was a difficult shot to get with the lighting, lengthy list, etc. but you get the gist).


I liked the various choices and had even tasted many of the listed wines. While I hadn’t had any of the Pinots featured in the Pinot Noir flight, it was feeling like a Rosé kind of day. The fact that they had a Washington State Rosé made me want to try it even more.


I already usually love Rosés from Provence so that one was a no brainer, but I was looking forward to trying the other two wines. The first wine was the Bieler Pere et Fils Rosé from Provence. Per the fact sheet, it was 50% Syrah, 30% Grenache, and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. It was the nice pale pink (almost orange) that I come to expect with a Rosé from Provence. The second wine (the Charles & Charles) was the one from Washington a State. It was 50% Tempranillo and 50% Grenache. When I’d first read the list of wine flights, I was excited to see one from Washington. When I saw it being poured, it then dawned on me that not only had I tasted this wine, but that I had actually previously bought a bottle. The name itself didn’t ring a bell but once I saw the bottle, I remembered it. The last wine was the Cortijo Rosado from Rioja Spain. It was dominated by Syrah (81%) and also had some Mourvèdre (16%), Cinsault (2%), and Garnacha (1%) blended in.

The hue of each wine got darker as I progressed through the flight. Like the color, the wines seemed to get a little bit “bigger” (well, as “big” as a Rosé can be) as I progressed. Yeah, I know that’s how a flight is supposed to work (lighter to fuller bodied) but I was happy to see that I’d recognized it. Yay me! I think the Rosé from Provence would be great for eating, whereas the other two could go it solo and be just fine.

After a short, but very enjoyable tasting, it was soon time to find my gate and catch my flight home. Of course I was crossing my fingers the whole time that my seat hadn’t been given away. And while I loved Surdyk’s, the wine isn’t the only thing I liked about MSP. They had a really nice selection of shops. I’m a sucker for airport shopping and probably spend way more than I should in them. But it’s always a nice way to pick up a last minute gift for the kids (Creative Kidstuff has some neat toys and games) or find some delicious sugary treat. And one of the neatest things of all is that they had an old fashioned arcade with lots of games! Very cool indeed. This is the type of airport I want to be in when I have my kids and am trying to pass the time and keep them occupied.

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