Wine Tasting at DFW Airport
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I was on an American Airlines flight so of course I had to make the requisite connection through DFW airport. Not to worry as I made the best of my time. I’d arrived at Terminal B and true to form, was going to have to walk through the whole damn horseshoe to get to the other end of Terminal A. So I decided to take the little SkyLink train and got off where I needed in Terminal A. As I was walking through and about to hook a right to go to my gate, I saw something I liked very much out the corner of my left eye. Surely it couldn’t be? Yes, it was a Vino Volo! I’d been to a few Vino Volo locations in Baltimore, Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle so I knew what to expect. In fact, I visited the one in Seattle so many times (had some litigation there that required several trips) that the staff got to know me pretty well and knew exactly what I was going to purchase. In my defense, they had a fabulous wine that I couldn’t seem to find anywhere in my city so I picked up a few bottles every time I came through. If you’re not familiar with them, Vino Volo is a wine bar that has locations in several airports in the U.S.


Though mostly in airports, they do have a few locations that are outside of airports. In addition to their fabulous wine selection, they also have really good and inventive food options. It’s a nice healthy alternative and good change of pace to some airport meals I’ve had. You have the option to taste a flight of wines or have wine by the glass. They also retail bottles of wine so you can buy what you taste and take it with you if you’re past security or have other means of getting it home. I find all of their locations to be quite serene and a nice respite from the craziness of the airport. And I have always found the staff to be wonderful. Sometimes I even find myself wishing I had a longer layover.

In this instance, since I was on a leisure trip and had a long enough upcoming flight to take a nap, I started with a glass of champagne and THEN had their Oregon Pinot Trail flight (hangs head in shame – sorta). Yeah, I know it was a shocker that I had the Pinot flight. I almost got the World Value Reds flight which featured a Tempranillo, a Malbec, and a Barbera as I tend to be a big fan of both Tempranillo and Barbera. But I’d only had one of the Pinot Noirs (the WillaKenzie) and wanted to try the others. A good decision indeed.



One of the things I like about Vino Volo are their little tasting cards which provide you with information on the wine you’re tasting along with some tasting notes. I used to always take them with me as a sort of momento to remember the wine I’d tasted, but after years of tasting wine and having children who think they’re supposed to keep everything, I don’t any more. But I still appreciate them nonetheless.

I have to say that I was really impressed with the variety of wines and the tasting options. They even had a Texas wine flight which was so nice to see. Texas has some wonderful wine options and we need more people to know about them. So it was good to see the folks in Dallas reppin the Texas wines. All in all, this was a nice detour en route to my connecting flight. So cozy on up to the bar if you find yourself with a little time between flights.

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